Estate planning is a complex process that’s incredibly important. Even the slightest clerical error on a will or trust can cost you a lot of time and money in the near future. Be sure to entrust an experienced estate planning attorney in North Carolina to help you set up an effective trust that will protect you and your family. 

Creating your will or trust on your own can be risky. Estate planning and trust lawyers are seeing an increase in the number of websites and online services that offer legal documents and estate-planning software that you can operate all on your own. We encourage our clients to take their future into their own hands, but always with the guidance of a skilled and knowledgeable attorney. Statutes that surround estate planning and trusts will vary based on the state you live in, and only an attorney is fully educated regarding state law. 

Is It Difficult To Create An Estate Plan?

As you may have already heard, developing an estate plan can be a difficult challenge. Most people are unsure of where to begin, and don’t know what resources they need to get started.

The best course of action to take is to hire a Raleigh estate planning lawyer from Thomas Walters. Our lawyers can help you meet any challenge head-on, and will anticipate issues before they arise. Estate plans are not “one size fits all,” meaning that an estate plan for one family will not suit another. All people have different desires and assets, which make every trust, estate plan and will a document that’s completely unique. We’ll help you find the best approach possible when it comes to putting together an estate plan that is right for you, as we understand the process can be very difficult.

How Does An Estate Planning Lawyer Help Me Create A Will And Estate Plan?

Did you know that all states require your estate plan or will to be signed in the presence of at least two witnesses? A lawyer understands and knows all of the minute details associated with creating an estate plan, and will make sure you don’t miss any important steps. They must sign the document while in your presence, and in the presence of the other witnesses you chose to sign. Something as small as getting witnesses to sign your estate plan can actually result in the whole document being considered illegitimate. The best way to avoid making costly mistakes of this nature, is to contact an estate planning lawyer and get their advice.

Most people also are unaware of how much information is truly covered in an estate plan and will. While it’s true that the distribution of your assets is included in your estate plan, there is much more information to be settled in this document. If you have children that you take care of, you will need to list out who will care for these children should you pass away while they’re still a minor. This is a very important part of the estate plan, as you can imagine, and is not to be overlooked. Many people falsely assume that an estate plan or will is solely for the purpose of distributing your money and assets after you pass away. In actuality, there is so much important information that can be covered by this document, and that can be missed if it’s created without the help of an attorney.

If you try to create your estate plan or will on your own, you may feel a false sense of security. Simply filling out some information online, and getting a confirmation that you’ve created a will, is not the same as creating a legally binding document under the supervision of a legal professional. Never gamble with your assets, your children’s future, and the desires you have for past your lifetime, and always treat your estate plan with the help of an attorney by your side.

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While it’s true that there is much information out there regarding wills, estate plans, trusts and more, the only people who are truly qualified to create an estate plan are those who understand the nuances of North Carolina estate planning law. Our lawyers will take the time to listen to your desires, your concerns, and your wishes for your assets and for your beneficiaries, and will create a strong estate plan that uphold all your desires past your lifetime. Never run the risk of creating a legal document that is not safe and sound, and work with an attorney rather than using an online service. Our team makes it easy, and offers a free consultation to anyone interested.