Hearing the word ‘will’ might make you think of the last will and testament of someone who has passed away. However, a living will is much different. While a living will serve a similar purpose as a standard will, it replaces the distribution of property and assets with directives to healthcare workers. Simply put, a living will is used to provide medical professionals guidelines on how you want to be treated if you are unable to make decisions on your own about your healthcare treatment. Accidents and emergencies happen that can leave you incapacitated and unable to make a decision about the treatment you should receive. Let one of our estate planning lawyers work with you to create a living will that fits your needs.

Why Do I Need a Living Will?

A living will can not only benefit you by letting healthcare professionals enact your wishes medically but it can also lift the burden off of your family’s shoulders from making any crucial decisions that can leave your family at odds. If you have preferences when it comes to medical care, your living will can also stipulate that kind of treatment. For instance, if there is a certain pain medication that you prefer or procedures that you would prefer to avoid, a living will can make certain that your wishes are followed.

How Can an Attorney Help Me Set Up a Living Will?

Coming up with a living will that is valid can be stressful to handle. Having an attorney assist you with developing a living will can not only make your life easier but can increase the effectiveness of your living will. A lawyer can talk to you about all of the options available to you so that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your living will. One of our attorneys can even explain to you the option of appointing a healthcare agent that can act on your behalf in case you are no longer able to make decisions on your own. Contact our law location today to work with an attorney to create a living will that can assure you receive the care you want and deserve in case of an emergency.

Is a Living Will Worth Getting?

With benefits provided to you and your family, a living will can be crucial when an emergency happens. Many people in a similar situation have family members that squabble just to decide what kind of treatment their incapacitated loved one should receive. A living will removes that from the equation and ensures you get the treatment you dictate. Call Thomas-Walters, PLLC today at (919) 424-8277 to schedule a free consultation.