Some people believe estate planning is difficult. At Thomas Walters PLLC, it’s our mission to make the estate planning process as easy as possible on your behalf.

It’s never too early to begin the process of planning for past your lifetime. No one ever expects to pass away, or to suffer an accident. Life is unexpected, so it’s important to have plans in place that expect the unexpected. For some, it may be difficult to think about passing away, and leaving loved ones behind. Our lawyers are compassionate to these feelings. We find that many of our clients find it more difficult to think of their loved ones having to deal with paperwork, court probate, and settling estates after they pass away. If there are money assets left behind, it could drive a family apart to have to decide who gets what money and when.

While it may seem difficult to think about planning past your lifetime, there is no reason to delay the estate planning process. The sooner you get started on creating an estate plan, the sooner you can rest assured that your wishes will be upheld when you pass away, and that your loved ones will not have to handle the management of your estate after your death.

Who Should Create An Estate Plan?

Every individual should create an estate plan at some point in their lives. Those with children, especially, should set up a strong plan that designates how their money, assets, real estate, jewelry or other prized possessions will be distributed to their children, or other beneficiaries, after they pass away. If you are unmarried, and especially if you are unmarried with children, you need to designate a health care proxy and financial powers of attorney who can speak on your behalf should you become incapacitated or unable to communicate. Those who are married typically will automatically have their spouse fulfill the role of their health care proxy and financial powers of attorney, so those who are unmarried need to designate someone to fulfill these roles.

If you are a first responder, it’s especially important that you create an estate plan. First responders such as law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians, and firefighters all run into dangerous situations every day. Naturally, these first responders are at an increased risk of injury or illness that could lead to incapacitation or death. IF you are a first responder, especially a first responder with children or other beneficiaries, you need to create an estate plan right away.

It’s never too early to begin the process of creating an estate plan. At Thomas Walters PLLC, we urge our clients to recognize and understand how important it is to manage their assets while they are still alive. Without a firm estate plan in place, you run the risk of not having your assets distributed in the way you want them to be. In order to mitigate this risk, contact a Chapel Hill estate planning attorney as soon as possible.

How Can An Estate Planning Attorney Make The Process Easier?

Creating an estate plan seems like it can be complicated but, with the help of an experienced lawyer, creating one is easier than ever. It’s true that there are many revolving parts and potential contingencies that do need to be set within your estate plan, but you can be sure an estate planning attorney will help you create the best plan for your estate and to address issues before they arise.

From creating a will with legalese that ensures it will be valid once you die, to determining power of attorney for someone you trust that gives them the ability to act on your behalf in case you are unable to manage aspects of your estate and health, considering every aspect of an estate plan can be a tough task without the right help.

Our estate planning attorneys can work alongside you making sure everything in your estate plan is binding and set in stone. If you need to modify any aspect of an estate plan you already have in place, we can help with that too. We offer a free, no obligation consultation to any person who is interested in creating their estate or has questions regarding the process.

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