Estate planning is incredibly important, especially for those with kids or pets. Managing your finances and assets while you are still alive is the best way to create a strong plan for the past your lifetime, that reduces the risk of your loved ones having to settle your estate when you pass. Everyone should start the estate planning process early, as anyone can benefit from creating a last will and testament or a trust.

Those who have beloved pets or children should always be aware of how crucial it is to make sure they are protected in the future. If you pass away without a will, you could be placing burdensome duties on your loved ones, and leaving vulnerable pets not cared for. The best way to proactively take control of your finances is to contact Thomas Walters and schedule a free consultation with a trusted estate planning attorney in Raleigh.

Why Is It Important To Include Your Dog Or Other Pets In Your Estate Plan?

It’s important that people who own pets have the right amount of money tucked away to account for the ongoing care they may need once you pass away. This amount of money will allot for food, medical care and veterinary fees, supplies such as cat litter, or other crucial necessities your pet needs to ensure their quality of life. If you are leaving your pet in the possession of a beneficiary, you may also want to consider leaving a sum of money behind for the prospective caretaker of your furry friend. 

If you need help creating a will or trust that includes your furry friend, contact Thomas Walters today and schedule a free consultation regarding your estate plan and the future of your pets and loved ones. 

How Much Money Do I Need To Allot For My Pet In My Estate Plan?

Some people consider leaving behind a few thousand dollars for their pets necessities like food and medical care, in addition to some more money intended to compensate the beneficiary who will be bequeathing the pet after you pass away.

The exact amount of money you wish to leave will differ depending upon how much money is freely available for use in your estate plan, and how much money your pet may require. For example, a dog with health problems who consistently needs to see a vet for care will need more money in the future to sustain this care. A pet owner who faces this situation may want to leave a little extra money behind for their wellbeing. The amount of money you designate to your beneficiaries is entirely up to you, and an estate planning lawyer can help you determine what that right amount is for you.

How Does An Estate Planning Attorney Help Me Create The Right Estate Plan For Me and My Loved Ones?

As your trusted estate planning legal team, the lawyers at Thomas Walters will assess your financial situation and help you create the correct estate plan to best align with your family’s needs, wants, and interests for the future. As your estate planning partner, your lawyer will find the best course of action to manage your finances past your lifetime, which can include proactively providing for any pets, children, or other dependence.

It’s important to leave the estate panning process to a professional–not just anyone can effectively carry out this important process from start to finish. Even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant error on an estate plan can cost you a lot of time and money in the future. Trusting an experienced estate planning attorney means you can guarantee you’ll have professional help setting up an effective trust that will protect you, your family, your pets and loved ones. Our team of estate planning attorneys will take the complexity out of the process to ensure you understand the intricacies of your trust.

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